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SIZE: Each Unit: 1-bed, 1-bath 400 sq ft.

MULTI-UNIT HOUSING PROJECTS: Our main focus is multi-unit projects in expensive or hard-to build areas such as ski resorts, vacation areas, Indian reservations, resort towns, workforce housing, etc.

Pricing: Pricing varies significantly depending on your location. Cost factors include shipping distance and engineering requirements such as snow loads, seismic, wind, etc. For example, a home located in a ski area in a high seismic zone with many regulations (like some areas in California) will require more engineering, much larger beams, roof joists, metal connectors, etc., making it more expensive than a home in Arizona. For that reason, we would need to know your location before sending you pricing information.

WHAT WE SELL: We sell a prefabricated kit of wall panels, roof panels, components, etc. We are not general contractors and cannot give you a bid to build your entire home start to finish. We highly recommend that you hire a licensed contractor in your area to build your home. We will sell directly to owner-builders who feel confident building their own home. We do not customize our floor plans or design custom homes. However, we can do a mirror image of our plans.

SHIPPING LOCATION:  From our factories in Utah and Idaho, we currently only ship to the Western USA and Western Canada. We are exploring opening another location in the Eastern USA.  We will know more definitely about this location in 4 to 6 weeks. If you are in the Eastern USA, please email us and we will contact you when we have more information regarding this location.  

 If your project meets the criteria listed above, please have your contractor email us or fill out the form below for pricing information. At this time, we do not send pricing information directly to homeowners.