SIZE: 2-Bed, 2-Bath, 1,000 Sq Ft.  Optional 1 or 2-car garage.

PRICING: Pricing is set by our local builders and varies significantly by location. There are a number of factors that influence pricing: engineering requirements (snow loads, seismic zone, climate zone, etc.) shipping distance, local contractor costs, options selection and site location.  Contact us for pricing information and to see if we have a builder in your area.

SHIPPING LOCATION: Currently we only ship our homes in the western United States. It is too expensive to ship further than about 750 miles from our factories in Utah and Idaho. 

BUILDER PARTNER OPPORTUNITIES:  We are currently looking for contractors and builders in the USA and Canada who are interested in working with us in your area.  We'd love to hear from you if you (or someone you know) is interested.