A complete exterior shell kit delivered from the factory.

Everything you need to complete the structure and exterior of your home - delivered as a kit.

  1. Wall panels up to 24’ long and 12’ tall with windows pre-installed, pre-drilled for electrical with optional closed cell, spray foam insulation pre-installed.

  2. Roof Panels up to 40’ long and 12’ wide with optional closed cell, EPS foam pre-installed.

  3. Siding, house wrap, metal roofing, soffit, fascia, exterior doors, etc. – everything you need to complete the exterior of the home. All delivered with the panel kit and installed onsite.


Advantages of our panelized kit system over standard, site-built construction.

1. Speed / time savings: Using our panelized kit system dramatically increases the speed of construction. On average, a kit home is built at least twice as fast as standard onsite construction.

2. Increased Productivity. A faster build cycle allows your builder to build more homes in the same amount of time.

3. Predictable budgets and timelines. Using a kit system decreases the time and budget variable associated with residential construction. What if you could finish a project on time and under budget? You can!


4. Rapid ROI. A faster build cycle means you sell or rent the home faster and get a much faster ROI. A faster build cycle also reduces the amount of financing needed during construction, increasing your bottom line.

5. Fewer skilled workers required. Much of the work that requires highly skilled framers is done in our factory. Although you still need workers to assemble the kit, the skill required is lower and they will work far fewer hours from start to finish.

6. Higher Quality. The wall and roof panels are built out of the weather in a controlled factory using jigs and automated equipment. This increases the overall precision and quality of your home.


7. Less Waste. With a panelized kit home, onsite waste is reduced by as much as 75%. You will have a cleaner, more organized jobsite and save money with fewer dumpster fees.

8. No Weather Delays. Because much of the work is done inside a factory, your onsite weather delays and damage caused by weather is greatly reduced.

9. Sustainable. With tighter tolerances, kit homes are more efficient to heat and cool. In addition, we also use advanced framing techniques, efficient grid design and highly efficient building products to reduce energy use and save you money. Because of these factors, panelized kit construction is more sustainable and better for the environment.


Advantages of our panelized kit system over modular homes.

  1. DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: A modular home has shipping constraints regarding width, height, etc. Kit homes do not have these same constraints.

  2. SLAB ON GRADE OR SUB-FLOOR OPTIONS: Slab on grade is better for retirement homes, ADA, etc. Because there are fewer steps, grade level patios instead of raised decks, etc. While kit homes can be built as either slab on grade, crawlspace or over basements, modular homes cannot be slab on grade. The floor system must be built into the module.

  3. RADIANT FLOOR HEAT OPTION: A kit home on a slab is perfect for highly efficient, healthy radiant floor heat. With modular homes, the floor has to be built into the modular and set on a crawl space. This makes radiant floor heat much more costly and less efficient than a floor slab.
  4. SHIPPING COST SAVINGS: Kit homes are less expensive to ship because an entire home can usually be shipped on one truck and the load is usually not oversized like modular homes. Modular homes require special permits, pilot cars, etc.

  5. CRANE SAVINGS: Only a small crane or forklift is needed to set the wall and roof panels. Modular homes require much bigger, more expensive cranes.