Highly efficient, insulated wall and roof panels delivered from the factory.

  1. Wall panels up to 36' long and 12' tall.

  2. Roof panels up to 10' wide and 40' long.

  3. Closed cell rigid insulation pre-installed.

  4. Windows pre-installed.

  5. Siding, Tyvek and metal roofing comes with the kit and installed onsite by the local contractor.


Advantages of our "Big Panel" system over modular homes

  1. DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: A modular home has shipping constraints regarding width, height, etc. Kit homes do not have these same constraints.

  2. SLAB ON GRADE OR SUB-FLOOR OPTIONS: Slab on grade is better for retirement homes, ADA, etc. Because there are fewer steps, grade level patios instead of raised decks, etc. While kit homes can be built as either slab on grade, crawlspace or over basements, modular homes cannot be slab on grade. The floor system must be built into the module.

  3. SHIPPING COST SAVINGS: Kit homes are less expensive to ship because an entire home can usually be shipped on one truck and the load is usually not oversized like modular homes. Modular homes require special permits, pilot cars, etc.

  4. CRANE SAVINGS: Only a small crane or forklift is needed to set the wall and roof panels. Modular homes require much bigger, more expensive cranes.

Wall and roof panels delivered from the factory.

Wall and roof panel

Wall Panel Detail

Wall panel detail

Roof Panel Detail

Roof panel detail