Partner With Us

Partner with Us

We’re continuously looking for partnership and joint venture opportunities that are a “win-win” for everyone involved. Below are some examples of business opportunities working with Zip Kit Homes. If any of these sound interesting to you please contact us.

1. Homebuilders: If you are a homebuilder in an area that has limited labor supply and subcontractors, this could be a good option for you. The homes come 90% completed so you can bypass most of the onsite work. This could be a simple, low-stress way to expand your business and generate additional income.

2. Land Owners: It is usually easier to sell a home or cabin on a lot than sell a building lot by itself. Based on past experience, we believe there is an untapped market for affordable, small vacation homes. Many people would like to own a cabin or vacation home but simply cannot afford a $400,000+ cabin. Our homes work perfect for cabin lots, ski resorts, remote locations, desert locations, etc.

3. As an Investment Property: A Zip Kit Home makes a great monthly rental in college towns, remote mining and oilfield towns etc. In addition, they are good nightly rentals in remote camping areas, vacation spots and ski towns.