A faster, better way to build modern, highly efficient homes.

1. We deliver high-performance wall and roof panels and components, precision built in a factory and quickly assembled onsite.

2. A complete "finish kit". This is delivered after the drywall is completed. It includes all interior finish products to complete the home.

What this means for your housing project:

1. Rapid delivery & site construction.

2. Predictable budgets and timelines.

3. A Quick return on your investment.

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The complete process – how it works:

We design modern, efficient, easy-to-build homes– without all the "fluff" that unnecessarily drives up the cost of the home. After you have decided which home you want to build, we contact your local building department to determine the design and engineering requirements in your area. Engineering requirements are location specific depending on snow loads, frost depth, wind loads, seismic requirements, etc. We then complete the plans and engineering specific for your building location. We send you complete, submit-ready floor plans, stamped structural drawings and engineering calculations, construction documents, detailed wall panel drawings, etc. We provide your contractor everything he needs to get a building permit and build the home – from initial permit to final completion.

After the building permit is issued, your local contractor will complete all the site work: excavation, foundation, etc. We provide the floor plans, engineering and instructions for the foundation and onsite work. 

We prefabricate "BIG" highly insulated wall and roof panels – up to 40' long and 12' tall. They are highly efficient with siding, windows and doors already pre-installed in our factory. We then ship you the exterior shell kit. This includes everything you need to complete the exterior of the home: BIG, high performance, super insulated wall and roof panels, with siding, windows, and rigid foam insulation all pre-installed from the factory. These panels come up to 40’ long and 12’ tall. In addition, we ship all pre-built interior framed walls. When the shell kit is assembled, the home looks completed from the outside and all interior walls are completed. We can also send our crews to assemble the home onsite so it’s completed with siding, roofing, windows, doors, etc. – in just a few days!
Big Panel
After the shell kit is assembled, local subcontractors complete the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and drywall.  These items are not part of the kit and labor and materials are provided by local sub-contractors. These items usually need to be done by licensed professionals in your state. The subcontractors generally install their own products so they can warranty their work.

After the drywall is complete, we ship you the “Finish Kit”. This includes most items needed to complete the inside of the home: doors, casing, baseboards, shelving, hardware, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, tile, flooring, etc.  This speeds up the finishing process because everything you need to finish the interior of the home is provided in a logical order.

You get a modern, highly efficient new home – built faster and with much less stress and hassle than standard onsite construction. Your new home is considered no different than any other site-built home by lenders, appraisers, building inspectors, etc. The home is built to the same building codes and with the same building materials as any other site-built home (only faster and better).  
Onsite work

We utilize a number of different building science methods and techniques so that you get a better built, healthier, more energy efficient home – built much faster.

Zip Kit Homes is a division of Timberhawk Inc., located in Cedar City UT. We have been involved in the construction industry for 20+ years and built hundreds of homes, apartments and townhomes throughout the western United States. We’ve won several recognitions and been featured by top magazines including Builder Magazine for our efficient home building practices. 

In the past, we’ve tried many different construction methods to increase our efficiencies. These methods include panelized construction, pre-cut framing packages and modular, prefab homes. 

Our focus now is on panelized kit homes. This allows us to maintain high quality, built fast, use the latest building science techniques, and still be price competitive. We realize that our homes are not for everyone and every situation – that’s OK. Our focus allows us to use the latest building science techniques to build you a highly efficient, healthy, sustainable home in less time. 

We have two small factories located in Cedar City UT and Pocatello ID.  



Chris Jaussi

Chris has been involved in the construction industry most of his life. Chris has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and an MBA from Arizona State University. After completing his education, Chris stayed in the construction industry and was also involved in international business. He has worked and lived in both Brazil and Chile. Chris is passionate about highly-efficient, affordable design and lean building practices. He and his wife Jamie started Zip Kit Homes in 2011 as a DBA of Timberhawk Homes.

Jamie Jaussi

Jamie Jaussi has been involved in the construction industry since 1995. She started as an administrative assistant for Ames Construction in Salt Lake City UT. Since then she has held management positions at Timberhawk Homes and is the co-founder of Zip Kit Homes. Jamie is a member of the Navajo Tribe and is very proud of her Native American heritage.

Jamie has lived and worked in many places throughout the United States and world including Brazil, Chile, Arizona, Oklahoma and Utah. She is a wife and mother of four children and considers her family the number one priority in her life. She enjoys being a mom, running, biking, cooking, shopping and traveling with her family. Jamie has an Associate’s Degree from Dixie College and a Paralegal degree from Westminster College in Salt Lake City UT.


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